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1. Tales behind the Spanish Tapas magic

Spanish tapas garlic prawns
Ajillo prawns


Welcome to Next Door Spanish Cafe, where every bite tells a story, and every dish is a journey through the rich tapestry of Spanish flavors. Today, we invite you to join us on a magical exploration as we unveil the captivating tales behind our most popular food ambassador.

Uncover the enchanting stories and rich histories behind our most beloved tapas.


The King and the food - Uncertain true origin of tapas

There are a lot of different stories surrounding the origin of tapas. One tale takes us back to the 13th century, where King Alfonso X of Castile, recovering from an illness, sparked the decree that every drink should come with a bite-sized accompaniment. Another narrative unfolds in the taverns of Spain, where rowdy workmen would spend their salaries on alcohol rather than food, prompted the King to mandate serving food with alcohol to maintain order.

The word "tapa," some claim, finds its roots in "tapar," meaning "to cover." Legend has it that King Alfonso XIII's encounter with a dusty drink in Cádiz led to the ingenious use of a ham slice as a cover – a gesture so delightful, it demanded an encore. Some people will also say tapas were created to hide the bad smell of a cheap wine or to keep out pesky flies.

No matter which story you may believe, we can all agree that tapas has become the defining symbol of Spanish food.

Pure Spanish culture – A culinary social affair

Any Spaniard would tell you that tapas are not just bites but an integral part of the Spanish culture. Picture lively evenings, laughter, and friends gathered around a table, weaving connections and savoring the good things in life. In Spain, tapas aren't just about the food; they're about sharing moments with amigos, weaving connections, and savoring the good things in life.

As we wrap up this gastronomic exploration, it's clear that tapas are more than just culinary delights; they're storytellers, weaving tales of history, culture, and the pursuit of a good time. Each dish narrates tales of history, resilience, and the pursuit of a good time. Whether it's the origin stories dating back centuries or the contemporary twists embraced globally, tapas remain a living testament to the enduring spirit of Spain.

So, the next time you savor a plate of tapas at Next Door Spanish Cafe, remember – you're not just indulging in food; you're indulging in centuries of stories and flavors that have stood the test of time.

Tapas Around the World – A Global Twist on Tradition

In a world where culinary traditions often travel slower than a leisurely stroll, Spanish tapas have defied the norm, racing across continents with infectious enthusiasm. What once flourished as a local tradition in the heart of Spain has transformed into a global sensation, igniting taste buds and fostering a shared appreciation for the joy of sharing small plates.

The journey of tapas beyond Spanish borders is more than a gastronomic tale; it's a testament to the universal appeal of good food, good company, and the pursuit of good times.

At Next Door Spanisf Cafe we enhance the bustling tapas bars that yuo can fimnd in other vibrant cities around the world, where friends and strangers alike gather around tables laden with an assortment of flavors. The clinking of glasses, the hum of conversation, and the laughter that fills the air are all universal elements of the tapas experience.

The tapas culture has woven itself into the fabric of global dining. It's not just about the food; it's a celebration of shared moments, a cultural exchange served on small plates. In trendy urban hubs and cozy suburban corners, the concept of sharing small bites has become a bridge connecting diverse cultures and palates.

In cosmopolitan cities like Singapore, adventurous chefs are putting their own spin on traditional tapas, infusing local ingredients and culinary asian influences into the mix. It's a beautiful collision of flavors, a gastronomic meeting point where the essence of Spain and Singapore harmonizes with the unique characteristics of each locale. The result? A global tapestry of tapas that reflects the creativity and diversity of our interconnected culinary world.

But why has tapas become such a global phenomenon? Perhaps it's the innate human desire to connect, to share stories and laughter over a communal table. Tapas provide the perfect vehicle for this, encouraging a convivial atmosphere where the boundaries between strangers and friends blur over shared plates.



Discover the magic of tapas at Next Door Spanish Cafe. Join us in celebrating the stories, culture, and flavors that make every bite a journey through Spain's rich culinary history

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